Ken Tai Ichi Jo - The Body and Weapon are One

The whole body in motion is generate power. Most people try to tense and use muscular power, but this actually robs you of generating full dynamic power.

Zero Point Budo Code 9 Points

1. 構え KAMAE (Structure/Posture) Point your feet in the same direction as your pelvis, while maintaining alignment of your head, shoulders, hips and feet, which allows you to generate force/torque and move in EVERY direction.

2. 距離 KYORI (Distance) Where your opponent believes he can reach you, but he CAN'T… and you CAN reach him.

3. 拍子 HYOSHI (Timing) Move (your feet) First, (T -.1) While Counterattacking (with your hand/weapon) just after his attack has missed (T +1.1)

4. 動き UGOKI (Movement) Move down and over, slower than Uke, to the correct distance, without telegraphing!

5. 刀匿豹姿 TOTOKU (Sword/Shield) The TOTOKU goes between you and the NEXT threat (via their structure) using the blade of the sword (your Arm or Body) to defend, and the tip of the sword (Your Hand) to attack, in such a way as to present a target, while staying inside the "shoulder corridor" (Kukan).

6. 形 KATACHI (Form - Structural Control Details) Place the "pockets" of your body (and/or weapon) against the "grooves" of your attackers body in such a way as to control his Shoulders, Spine, and Hips 士 (Structure),

7. 崩し KUZUSHI (Breaking the Structure - The Zeropoint) Break your opponents structure (either Compressing or Extending them) JUST ENOUGH (1%) so that he CAN'T generate force against you - but you CAN generate force against him - and you are always free.

8. 力を抜くCHIKARA O NUKU (Drop Out the Power- Press, Pulse, Press) Put tension against your opponent, then SUDDENLY release it (while moving down and over until he is able to fall) then (suddenly) load him with tension again.

9. 四方採り SHIHO DORI (4 Directions Way of Capturing) From a Zeropoint, move along one of the 2 lines that cross between you and your opponents' base in such a way as to make the KATACHI become stronger - while preventing your opponent from walking out of your technique.


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